vendredi 5 décembre 2014

Yoshitaka Goto : a Lomographer from Japan

Yoshitaka Goto is a Lomographer from Japan, he started to use digital but he found an analog camera and today he continues to take photographs with analog cameras.
"I started to use digital camera at first. But after I found the fun of film works, I only use film cameras almost. I often make double or multiple exposure. And the development is cross process. Because I want to make dreamy or crazy works".

© Yoshitaka Goto

1/ How did you begin your artwork?

When I visited a camera shop, I found a Holga : a famous analog and fun toy camera. I bought it and shot one roll soon. The results were so impressive. My first meeting with Holga.

After I joined a Lomography web site, I was so surprised at other Lomographers’ works. I really wanted to make such works. So I read many articles how to make double or multiple exposure, etc. . And I have some of friends who are also Lomographer, so I asked them, too.

2/ What kind of cameras do you use? How many cameras do you have?

I use almost Lomography cameras. I have 11 Lomo cameras.

3/ Are you a Lomograghy fan? Why?

Yes, I’m. I (we) can make so dreamy and crazy works by the cameras. There are no rules on Lomography. It means the cameras make new artistic, creative works.

4/ What is your favorite film?

KODAK E100VS But this film is no more… So now I use AGFA CT PRECISA100 instead of KODAK.

5/ What do you want to share with your photographs?

Fun of film works. Film works are not old.

6/ Do you have any projects?

I’ll join a group exhibition in Tokyo in Jan 2015 and I’m intend to hold a solo exhibition in Tokyo in 2015.

© Yoshitaka Goto

© Yoshitaka Goto