dimanche 13 avril 2014

Interview with a street photographer: Danilo Bazzano

Today I’d like to introduce you Danilo Bazzano. He is a health and safety engineer and he began taking pictures thanks to his father. He likes dreaming and reading the minds of the people he photographs. Danilo Bazzano takes pictures to communicate and to feel better.

© Danilo Bazzano

Could you tell us a bit about yourself and what you do?

My name is Danilo Bazzano and I’m a health and safety engineer. My father is a professional wedding photographer and he gave me the gift of my first film photo cameras and taught me the basic rules of photography. I dedicate my spare time to street photography.

How did you choose street photography? Why not portrait or photojournalism?

I love street photography because it puts me in contact with people. Sometimes I think I can read the minds of the people I photograph and I am sure that they are able to read my mind too. Other times I feel that the subject wishes to be photographed staring into the lens of my camera. This is why I chose the street photography… because it allows me to "get closer" to most people.

How do you find your subjects? How do you get so close to your subjects?

I choose subjects based on who looks at me with curiosity when I approach them with the camera. I never ask permission to photograph. I just do it. I approach the subject, staring into their eyes, until they are close enough, and then take the shot.

Do you think there’s a right way to take a street photograph?

I do not know if there is a right way to take street photography. I think photography in general has few rules that are made to be broken. Everyone should be free to apply their own rules in street photography, and break them in search of the most significant photograph.

© Danilo Bazzano

When people don’t want to be photographed but you really want the shot, how do you go about it? Have you ever had this kind of problem with people? Have you ever offended anyone?

I've never had any problems with anyone. Generally I look for eye contact, and I can see immediately if a person wants to be photographed, or if a person is shy and does not want to be photographed. There are people who look at me quickly and then look on the floor or somewhere else: I realize that I do not have to take pictures. Then there are people who look at me steady: and then I realize that I have to take photos immediately!

Street photography has its fashions and trends. What’s your favorite part of street photography, what attracts you to it? What do you think street photography is?

Street photography tells something about the subject. I believe that technique is not as important in street photography, but rather what is communicated through the subject’s eyes.

When you take photos, do you have a theme in mind? Are you working on particular subjects? Do you have projects?

I do not have specific projects. Sometimes I walk around with the camera around my neck and I do not take photos because I don’t find anything inspiring to shoot. Other times I walk around in public and leave the camera at home, just to watch people in their everyday lives. When I want to photograph someone or something, I point straight to the people, in search of those curious about the look of my camera lens.

© Danilo Bazzano

Which photographers most inspire you to shoot? Who are your influences?

Usually I do not ever remember the name of the photographer, but rather I remember the photograph he took. I’m interested in the great masters of the last century such as Jean Loupe Sieff and Arnold Newmann.

What continually drives you to take photos in the streets?

I am attracted by the street, by people walking, by the street vendors. In these places people are really themselves.

Do you have any advice for the street photographer community?

Take your camera when you're angry and when you're sick, or when you want to talk and cannot find the right words -and begin photographing. At the end you will feel better, and you may have also taken some great pictures.

© Danilo Bazzano